Don't study English, speak English!

Private conversation classes in English by Skype without enrollment or permanence fee


Learning with Talking Method is very simple: you buy packages of hours and book classes from your user dashboard whenever you want .

5 hours

Package of 5 classes
12.97 USD / hour

10 hours

Package of 10 classes
11.88 USD / hour

20 hours

Package of 20 classes
10.79 USD / hour

40 hours

Package of 40 classes. Best price per hour!
9.70 USD / hour

How do I book a class??

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    By registering you will get a free credit for you to do test class. From your user panel, easily access the class calendar, your reservations, or buy more classes in just 2 clicks

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    Choose your schedule

    You will have access to a calendar and you can book your classes at your preferred time up to 2 months in advance. You can book with your favorite teacher and follow your training itinerary to meet your goals

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    Speak English!

    Once you have made the reservation in your user panel, you just have to wait for the day and time to arrive and the teacher will call you directly to Skype. As simple as that. In addition, from your panel you can see the classes you have given, the canceled ones, the reservations you have made, and much more!

Why Talking Method?

Individual classes

Flexible schedule

Best prices

You will only speak English

    Talking Method was born with the very clear objective: that you learn to speak English once and for all. We design your itinerary based on your needs, and we guide you to fulfill it easily and with the least possible effort.

Do you know our teachers ?

All our professors are university graduates who have followed for weeks a training based on a methodology with years of study and continuous preparation

University graduates

Several years of experience

Continuous training

Preparation of 4 weeks in the FY + method

Training in all business sectors

Classes adapted to every level

Depending on your level of English and your objectives, we will design an appropriate itinerary so that you can reach the goal with the least possible effort. We make learning English easy and entertaining! .

Opiniones de nuestros alumnos

Andrea Rivero CMO

"I needed English to progress in my career. They recommended me to try Talking Method and thanks to being continuously talking I have achieved the necessary ease to be promoted"

Dummy Student Student

English friends to the rescue! Did you know that many of our students hated English until very recently and now they can not quit? The one we have bundled!

Eduardo Sánchez Consultor Aeronáutico

“En el mundo de la consultoría para mejorar no sólo tienes que tener una serie de soft-skills, sino que además debes de dominar el inglés. Cada día estoy un paso más cerca de cumplir mi objetivo”

Rosmailyn Toribio Bailarina y cantante

“Siempre que me tocaba hablar en inglés me ponía nerviosa, pero gracias a las clases de conversación he perdido ese miedo, aunque haya sido duro en las primeras sesiones :)”

Rusbeisy Daniela Farmacéutica

“Llevo toda la vida estudiando inglés, pero apenas me habían hecho hablarlo, y para terminar la carrera me hacía falta tener buen nivel. Así que me hice un intensivo con Talking Method y he notado como he adquirido soltura en muy pocos días”

“Se nota la mejoría respecto a las academias tradicionales. He progresado como por arte de magia.”

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